Bonner Schumannfest

Bonner Schumannfest: Festival for young artists

Since 1998 the Bonner Schumannfest (formerly “Endenicher Herbst”) is dedicated to the memory of Robert and Clara Schumann. With a varied program of classical music, jazz, rock, cabaret, film and dance, the festival takes a look beyond Bonn’s borders. The main objective of the festival, which is directed by Markus Schuck, is the promotion of artistic talent.

Cooperations with the Republic of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia, France, Italy and Austria have given the Schumannfest an international character for several years.

The festival takes place in the district of Bonn, around the Schumannhaus, a district that has the greatest density of cultural facilities in the federal city of Bonn and is also unique in this form nationwide.

The Schumannfest Bonn is a member of the Schumann Network (sponsored by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media and the Federal State of Bonn).

Bonner Schumannfest 2017 JOY



Robert Schumann Markus Schuck Vorsitzender Verein Bonner Schumannhaus e.V.  Robert Schumann - Stellv. Vorsitzender Bonner Schumanfest Ulli Bumann

Dear friends of Schumann,

For good reasons, FREUDE is the motto of the Schumannfest 2017. We are pleased, 

  • that the Schumannfest, which in its first years was called Endenicher Herbst, exists now for 20 years.
  • that this festival has gained in importance every year.
  • hat the Schumannfest has become a career board for many young artists.
  • that we get support by the City of Bonn, co-operation partners and private sponsors (and consider this to be a viable option for the next 20 years).
  • that the festival this year visually presents a new face
  • dass das Festival in diesem Jahr optisch ein neues Gesicht zeigt (and thank you for this and for the 20-year collaboration with our advertising partner, Agentur Gipfelgold).
  • that this year we will be again able to offer an exciting, stimulating and entertaining program which, as usual, is largely contested by young artists.
  • that we will see some of the artists who already had remarkable performances at former Schumann festivals.
  • that all artists of the festival take up the motto “joy” in their programs in the most diverse ways.

“In the nature of music,” says Aristotle, “it is to make joy.” We cordially invite you to participate in this joy.

Markus Schuck Initiator and Head Bonner Schumannfest
Ulrich Bumann Deputy Head Bonner Schumannfest

Program Bonner Schumannfest 2017

You can download the full program here .

Day 1
06 Jun 2017


Works from // Ravel // Debussy // Poulenc // Berlioz // Messiaen // Schumann // Wolf // Webern // Killmayer // Brahms // Schuberts „Ode an die Freude“ MARIE-LAURE GARNIER (soprano) // SAMANTHA GAUL (soprano) // THEODORE...
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Robert Schumann Anne Le Bozec
Anne Le Bozec
Pauliina Tukiainen
Robert Schumann Flore Merlin
Flore Merlin
Robert Schumann Rebeka Stojkaja
Rebeka Stojskaja
Robert Schumann Jean Christoph Laniece
Jean-Christophe Lanièce
Robert Schumann Theodore Browne
Theodore Brown
Robert Schumann Samantha Gaul
Samantha Gaul
Robert Schumann Marie Laure Garnier
Marie-Laure Garnier
Day 2
07 Jun 2017


LAURA MOINIAN (cello) // JAMIE BERGIN (piano) // Schumann: fantasy pieces // Debussy: cello sonata // Schumann: adagio & allegro // Dvorak: Waldesruhe // Davido : Am Springbrunnen // Mendelssohn: cello sonata Nr....
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Robert Schumann Duo Laura Moiniann
Duo Laura Moinian & Jamie Bergin
Day 3
08 Jun 2017

Piano evening for Robert Schumann’s birthday – FILIPPO GORINI

// Schumann: Sonata n. 1 op. 11 in F Sharp minor // Schönberg: Drei Klavierstücke op. 11 // Brahms: Sieben Fantasien op. 116 With friendly support by Bechtle GmbH&Co. KG Admission Euro...
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robert schumann Filippo Gorini
Filippo Gorini
Day 4
09 Jun 2017

Trio-evening – BUSCH TRIO

// Mozart: piano trio C-Dur // Henze: chamber sonata (1949) // Rihm: Fremde Szenen Nr. III (1983/84) // Schumann: piano trio op. 63 MATHIEU VAN BELLEN (violin) // ORI EPSTEIN (cello) // OMRI...
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Robert Schumann Busch Trio
Day 5
10 Jun 2017

Trio-evening – TRIO 21METER60 – “Around the World”

Works from among others // Bach // Pachelbel // Mozart // Debussy // Piazzolla // Gershwin The concert with scholarship holders of the federal selection concerts of young artists (BAKJK)...
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Robert Schumann Trio21meter60
Trio 21meter60
Day 6
11 Jun 2017


// Sweden 1950 // Directed by: Ingmar Bergman // with Maj-Bri Nilsson und Stig Olin // Introduction: Thomas Kliemann (General-Anzeiger) In an orchestra rehearsal, the violinist Stig receives a call: his wife...
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Robert Schumann Kino Ingmar Bergman
Ingmar Bergman

Trio-evening – TRIO-AFFEKTI

In cooperation with Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Cologne e.V. admission free
Robert Schumann Trio Affekti
Trio Affekti
Day 7
12 Jun 2017

Trio-evening – TRIO CÉLESTE

Works from among others // Vivaldi // Scarlatti // Manfredini // Telemann // Bach The concert with scholarship holders of the federal selection concerts of young artists (BAKJK) is sponsored...
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Robert Schumann Trio_Celeste
Trio Céleste
Day 8
13 Jun 2017

Piano evening – LUISA IMORDE

// Mozart: piano sonata KV 281 // Saygun: Inci’s Book op. 10 // Liszt: Réminiscences de Norma // Schumann: Arabeske // Debussy: Images Livre II // Widmann: Zirkustänze Admission Euro 15/8...
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Robert Schumann Luisa Imorde
Luisa Imorde
Day 9
14 Jun 2017

Film music – ENSEMBLE DUOMO – Tutto Morricone – Joy

// film music by Ennio Morricone // edited by  Roberto Porroni With friendly support by Lions Club Bonn – Clara and Robert Schumann andby Istituto Italiano di Cultura Colonia Admission Euro 20/10 reduced plus advanced booking feed //...
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Ensemble Duomo
Day 10
15 Jun 2017

Movie – VITUS

// Switzerland 2006 // Directed by: Fredie M. Murer // with Bruno Ganz, Teo Gheorghiu, Fabrizio Borsani, Julika Jenkins, Urs Jucker // Introduction: Bernhard Hartmann (General-Anzeiger) This film is a declaration of...
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Robert Schumann Fredie M. Murer
Fredie M. Murer


// Händel: overture and bourrée from Music for the Royal Fireworks // Schumann: birthday march, evening song, reed // Schostakowitsch: waltz // Schumann: three sets from rhenish symphony // Williams: music from motion picture „Schindler’s List“ Admission free, a donation...
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EMA-Junior-Orchestra / EMA-Symphonyorchestra

Duo-evening – piano duo FRANZISKA & FLORIAN GLEMSER

// Wagner/Debussy: overture „The Flying Dutchman“ // Wagner/Dukas: bacchanal from „Tannhäuser“ // Wagner/Reger: prelude and Liebestod from „Tristan und Isolde“ // Schumann: pictures from the east // Saint-Saens: variations about a theme...
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Piano duo Franziska & Florian Glemser
Day 11
16 Jun 2017


KAREL BOEHLEE (Piano) // PETER TIEHUES (Guitar) // THEO DE JONG (Bass) among others: // Luck Child (Leni Stern) // Blackbird (Paul McCartney) // In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) //...
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Robert Schumann Fay Claassen
Fay Claassen
Day 12
17 Jun 2017

Piano evening – TEO GHEORGHIU

// Schumann: Children’s Scenes // Brahms: Three Intermezzi op.117 // Chopin: Three Mazurkas op.59 // Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales Admission Euro 20/10 reduced, plus advanced booking fee // box office Euro 23/12 reduced
Teo Gheorghiu
Day 13
18 Jun 2017


// Germany 1983 // Directed by: Peter Schamoni // with Herbert Grönemeyer, Nastassja Kinski, Rolf Hoppe // Introduction: Dietmar Kanthak (General-Anzeiger) Peter Schamoni tells the love story between Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann...
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Robert Schumann peter schamoni
Peter Schamoni


Songs and duets by // Robert Schumann e.g. song cycle Myrthen op. 25 In corporation with Opernfreunden Bonn Admission Euro 20/10 reduced, plus advanced booking fee // box office Euro 23/12 reduced.
Robert Schumann Tobias Berndt
Tobias Berndt
Robert Schumann Annika Gerhards
Annika Gerhards
Pauliina Tukiainen



Bonnticket is the ticket center of the Bonner Schumannfest. Tickets can be purchased there in advance under the hotline: 0228-50 20 10, but you can also order the tickets directly and print at home. The tickets can also be obtained at all known presales ticketshops.


If available remaining tickets, will be given one hour before the start of the concert at box office of the venue.


Children from 3 years old, pupils, students up to 30 years of age, trainees, participants in federal voluntary service, unemployed persons, Bonn ID holders and disabled persons receive a 50% discount on the ticket price. Please show a valid identity card at the entrance area without being requested.


The prices are inclusive of the ticket system fee. The advance ticket offices charge an additional advance booking fee. When you print your cards at home, BONNTICKET charges a small fee per order for this service.


The return and exchange of tickets is not possible. Changes to programs, occupations, dates and venues are always reserved and do not entitle us to return tickets. Only in the case of a general cancellation of an event will the purchase price be refunded within two months upon submission of the tickets. The admission of late visitors is only possible during the concert break.


Any sound, photo, film or video footage, including for private use, is prohibited. Image and sound material can be fed if this arrangement is violated.

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From the Endicher Herbst to the Bonner Schumannfest

In 1998 the “Endeicher Herbst” took place for the first time on the initiative of Andreas Etienne and Markus Schuck. Since then the festival has steadily grown in the meantime renamed “Bonner Schumannfest”.

On this page you will find all ever performing artists and the program booklets of the last few years to get a brief overview of the development history.

Artists Bonner Schumannfest

Program Booklets

There are many interesting places in Bonn