Movie – VITUS

Robert Schumann Fredie M. Murer
15 Jun 2017
Rex-Theater Filmkunstkino // Frongasse 9

Movie – VITUS

// Switzerland 2006
// Directed by: Fredie M. Murer
// with Bruno Ganz, Teo Gheorghiu, Fabrizio Borsani, Julika Jenkins, Urs Jucker
// Introduction: Bernhard Hartmann (General-Anzeiger)

This film is a declaration of love for childhood and music. Vitus (Teo Gheorghiu) is a boy like another star: He hears as good as a bat, plays a wonderful piano and reads the Brockhaus in the kindergarten. No wonder his ambitious parents have a career: Vitus is supposed to become a pianist. But the little genius prefers to work in the carpentry of his own grandfather (Bruno Ganz), dreaming of flying and a normal youth. Finally, Vitus takes his life in his own hand with a dramatic leap … The closing scene of the film uses recordings from the year 2004 when the 12-year-old Teo Gheorghiu played Schumann’s piano concerto in the Zurich Tonhalle.

What has become of “Vitus”? The Schumannfest concert on June 17 with Teo Gheorghiu gives information.

Admission Euro 7,50/6 reduced