Bonner Schumannfest

Program Bonner Schumannfest 2019

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Day 1
16 Jan 2022

Finale – 5th Bonn Robert Schumann Singing Competition: Show what you’ve got

Robert Schumann has emphasized in his musical house and life rules the importance of singing for the further development of children and adolescents. With the competition, the Schumann Festival wants...
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Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V.
Day 2
01 Jun 2019

Opening concert – song recital with Artuu Kataja and Pauliina Tukiainen

Arttu Kataja belongs to the ensemble of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin since 2006. The Finnish baritone has won two prizes at the Salzburg International Mozart Competition. Guest...
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Arttu Kataja
Pauliina Tukiainen
Day 3
02 Jun 2019

Opening film “Geliebte Clara”

Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and the young Johannes Brahms: Filmmaker Helma Sanders-Brahms, widely related to Johannes Brahms, explores a difficult love triangle. “Martina Gedeck”, it is said in the discussion...
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Helma Sanders-Brahms

Clara – A musical about Clara Schumann by Matthias Heidweiler

It is a turbulent life in the life of Clara Schumann: eight children, visit of the strict father Friedrich Wieck, a large household with rebellious staff and the exhausting husband...
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Musik-AG des Clara-Schumann-Gymnasiums Bonn
Day 4
03 Jun 2019

Piano recital with Aurelia Shimkus

“An extraordinary debut,” judged the “Spiegel”. “So young and already extremely good”, the “Wiener Zeitung” was amazed. Aurelia Shimkus, born in Riga in 1997, was awarded the 2016 ECHO Klassik...
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Aurelia Shimkus
Day 5
05 Jun 2019

Film – Träumerei

„Träumerei“ is the oldest known Schumann film, premiered on 3 May 1944 in Zwickau. The Encyclopedia of International Film writes: “The film completed in the war year 1944 met with...
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Harald Braun

Queenz of Piano – Playful: Entertainment. Concert. Two pianos. with Jennifer Rüth und Ming

The Queenz – these are Jennifer Rüth and Ming, two pianists with a classical background, who show that a piano concert is really fun and that there are no limits...
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Queenz of Piano
Day 6
06 Jun 2019

Fringe Ensemble – Clara

On the occasion of Clara Schumann’s 200th birthday, director Marlin de Haan and her team take the opportunity to get an idea of her and her work. Who was this...
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Fringe Ensemble
Day 7
07 Jun 2019

Recital on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Clara Schumann with Samantha Gaul, Sofia Vinnik, Victoria Guerrero und Rebeka Stojkoska

Four young artists from three countries (Germany, Macedonia, Spain) congratulate Clara Schumann on her 200th birthday. They are all awarded several times. This ranges from the national singing competition (Samantha...
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Rebeka Stojkoska
Sofia Vinnik
bonner robert schumannfest Victoria Guerrero
Victoria Guerrero
Samantha Gaul

Fringe Ensemble – Clara

On the occasion of Clara Schumann’s 200th birthday, director Marlin de Haan and her team take the opportunity to get an idea of her and her work. Who was this...
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Fringe Ensemble
Day 8
08 Jun 2019

Piano recital for the birthday of Robert Schumann with Katharina Treutler

Katharina Treutler, born in Erfurt, studied in Hannover, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid and Freiburg. She is a laureate of numerous international competitions and has performed in Europe, Asia and the USA,...
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Katharina Treutler
Day 9
11 Jun 2019

Word and Music with Liv Migdal, Nadia Migdal und Daniel Gerzenberg

Why are not the creations of female composers not in the spotlight and rarely present in the concert programs? The sisters Liv – multiple award-winning violinist – and Nadia Migdal...
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Daniel Gerzenberg
Nadia Migdal
bonner robert schumannfest liv migdal
Liv Migdal
Day 10
12 Jun 2019

Jazz with Mette Nadja Hansen and Johannes von Ballestrem

Danish jazz singer Mette Nadja Hansen and Bonn-born jazz pianist Johannes von Ballestrem have developed this program especially for the Bonn Schumann Festival and the Clara Schumann Birthday. “We want...
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Mette Nadja Hansen
Johannes von Ballestrem
Day 11
13 Jun 2019

Orchestra concert – EMA-Junior Orchestra, EMA-Symphony orchestra, Choir of classes 6 to 8

OLIVER DRECHSEL, KLAVIER RICHARD ADLER, KLAVIER The Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium in Bonn is traditionally a magnet for musically gifted children, who receive a lot of support in practical music-making beyond the normal...
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EMA-Junior-Orchestra / EMA-Symphonyorchestra
Day 12
14 Jun 2019

Film – Boychoir

A behavioral twelve-year-old comes to the most prestigious choir school in the USA. “Although the story of the rebellious singing talent and its conflictual relationship with his hard-hearted teacher,” judges...
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François Girard

Trio Evening: Busch-Trio

MATHIEU VAN BELLEN (violin) ORI EPSTEIN (cello) OMRI EPSTEIN (piano) Named after the legendary violinist Adolf Busch, this young ensemble has become the leading English piano trio of its generation....
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Robert Schumann Busch Trio
Day 13
15 Jun 2019

Final concert – Piano recital with Danae Dörken

Promoted by Yehudi Menuhin at the age of seven, the German-Greek pianist Danae Dörken, with her “sparkling joy of playing” (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger), caused a sensation early in major European concert...
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Danae Dörken

Bonner Schumannfest 2019 Beloved Clara

  Markus SchuckRobert Schumann - Stellv. Vorsitzender Bonner Schumanfest Ulli Bumann

Pauliina Tukiainen - Artistic Adviser Song at the Bonner Schumannfest

Dear friends of Schumann,

It was seldom so easy to find a suitable and sustainable motto for the Schumann Festival in Bonn, as this year: “BELOVED CLARA” – which represents the 200th birthday of Clara Schumann and the living memory of a woman, which is an exception not only in the history of music. Clara Schumann can not be denied any roles: she was a wife (by Robert Schumann) and mother (of eight children), she was the most famous pianist of the 19th century, she was a composer and manager of her own career, pedagogue and counselor. The Schumann Festival will try to convey this richness of facets of an unusual personality.

“I like to study new things, that’s what exites me, rejuvenates me,” said Clara Schumann in the 1870s, when she was a celebrated artist throughout Europe. This attitude determines the program of this year’s festival. It is a Schumann festival of discoveries, not only in terms of the compositions (much and much more unknown is heard from Clara Schumann), but also in terms of the artists. Let yourself be surprised and inspired by the young soloists, who in our opinion have a great career ahead of them. And let yourself be “rejuvenated” by the youngest contributors this year, to whom we like to give a lot if space with a musical (Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium), orchestral concert (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium) and our singing contest “Show what you can do”

We wish you a stimulating Schumannfest.

Markus Schuck, Initiator and Head Bonner Schumannfest
Ulrich Bumann, Deputy Head Bonner Schumannfest
Pauliina Tukiainen, Artistic Advisor Song Bonner Schumannfest

Peter Limbourg - Intendant Deutsche Welle

Greetings from Peter Limbourg

»Beloved Clara« – this is the motto of this year’s Schumannfest in Bonn. With a diverse program ranging from classical to jazz, the festival will focus on Clara Schumann, whose birthday is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2019. Thus, the festival honors the wife of Robert Schumann as one of the outstanding artistic personalities of the 19th century – a special sign of appreciation! To carry music and culture into the world in many languages ​​belongs to the mission of Deutsche Welle.

For more than 20 years, the Bonner Schumann Festival understands itself as a young festival and, above all, gives young artists a stage, often only at the beginning of their careers. Many of these young artists who have appeared in Bonn can look back on a great career today and are among the outstanding instrumentalists of the present day. This, too, is a reason for me to support the festival. I am particularly pleased that together with the Bonn Schumann Festival we can present a pianist who is no stranger to us at the Deutsche Welle: in our show EUROMAXX – in which we show Europe in with all its cultural diversity and fascination – Danae Dörken was already represented as one of the most promising young concert pianists in 2017. In June, she will come to Deutsche Welle herself – when she performs for us at the closing concert of this year’s festival and in honor of Clara Schumann. A concert that you should make a note of today.

Peter Limbourg
Intendant Deutsche Welle



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The prices are inclusive of the ticket system fee. The advance ticket offices charge an additional advance booking fee. When you print your cards at home, BONNTICKET charges a small fee per order for this service.


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Any sound, photo, film or video footage, including for private use, is prohibited. Image and sound material can be fed if this arrangement is violated.

Venues Bonner Schumannfest 2019

Schumann Haus


Haus der Springmaus

Gremiensaal Deutsche Welle

Aula of the University of Bonn

Theater im Ballsaal

Sponsors Bonner Schumannfest 2019


Stadt Bonn

Thank you to

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Bonner Schumannfest: the young festival

“The focus is on the innovative engagement with the city’s famous composers – Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Schumann.” This is one of the goals for the field of music in the cultural concept of the city of Bonn. This consonance of the composer in an official governmental paper would have been unthinkable years ago, but today it can certainly be seen as a significant success of the Bonn Schumann Festival.

The Bonn Schumann Festival, founded in 1998 by Andreas Etienne and Markus Schuck, today’s festival director, was called “Endenicher Herbst” in its beginnings. It had its roots in the Bonn district of Endenich around the Schumannhaus, a district that has the largest density of cultural sites in the federal city of Bonn. 2007, the name change to Schumannfest, to illustrate the core concerns of the festival: the memory of Robert and Clara Schumann. Robert Schumann spent his last two years in Bonn, on the Old Cemetery in Bonn is the grave of Robert and Clara Schumann.

The Schumannfest is an honorary organized festival with a highly professional claim. With a diverse program that includes classical music, jazz, rock, film, cabaret, dance and literature, it finds national and international attention far beyond Bonn’s borders. A special feature of the festival is the cooperation with young artists: the Schumann Festival sees itself as a young festival and gives a stage especially to young artists who are possibly at the beginning of a great career.

The Schumannfest Bonn is a member of the Schumann Network (sponsored by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media and the Federal State of Bonn).

Artists Bonner Schumannfest

bonner robert schumannfest Daniel Cacija

Daniel Cacija


Harald Braun

Robert Schumann Trio Affekti

Trio Affekti

Saxophone, Piano, Violin
ensemble eikona

Ensemble Eikona

bonner robert schumannfest monet quintett


Wind Quintet
Robert Schumann Trio_Celeste

Trio Céleste

Trumpet, Organ

Sofia Vinnik


Ensemble Duomo

Guitar, Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello
elia kazan

Elia Kazan


Arttu Kataja

Robert Schumann Busch Trio


Violin, Cello, Piano
bonner robert schumannfest josy santos

Josy Santos

bonner robert schumannfest westside story

Robert Wise

Robert Schumann Fay Claassen

Fay Claassen

Jazz Singer
bess kargman

Bess Kargman


Program Booklets

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