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Bonner Schumannfest: the young festival

“The focus is on the innovative engagement with the city’s famous composers – Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Schumann.” This is one of the goals for the field of music in the cultural concept of the city of Bonn. This consonance of the composer in an official governmental paper would have been unthinkable years ago, but today it can certainly be seen as a significant success of the Bonn Schumann Festival.

The Bonn Schumann Festival, founded in 1998 by Andreas Etienne and Markus Schuck, today’s festival director, was called “Endenicher Herbst” in its beginnings. It had its roots in the Bonn district of Endenich around the Schumannhaus, a district that has the largest density of cultural sites in the federal city of Bonn. 2007, the name change to Schumannfest, to illustrate the core concerns of the festival: the memory of Robert and Clara Schumann. Robert Schumann spent his last two years in Bonn, on the Old Cemetery in Bonn is the grave of Robert and Clara Schumann.

The Schumannfest is an honorary organized festival with a highly professional claim. With a diverse program that includes classical music, jazz, rock, film, cabaret, dance and literature, it finds national and international attention far beyond Bonn’s borders. A special feature of the festival is the cooperation with young artists: the Schumann Festival sees itself as a young festival and gives a stage especially to young artists who are possibly at the beginning of a great career.

The Schumannfest Bonn is a member of the Schumann Network (sponsored by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media and the Federal State of Bonn).

Bonner Schumannfest 2018 AMERICA



Robert Schumann Markus Schuck Vorsitzender Verein Bonner Schumannhaus e.V.  Robert Schumann - Stellv. Vorsitzender Bonner Schumanfest Ulli Bumann

Dear friends of Schumann,

AMERICA is the motto of the Schumann Festival this year. That has no political reasons. Rather, we are reminiscent of a little known episode in the life of Robert and Clara Schumann, for whom America was for a short time the dreamland of their musical dreams, and connect this memory with a tribute to Leonard Bernstein, whose 100th birthday is celebrated this year becomes.

“AMERICA is in my head again,” says 1842 in a letter from Robert to Clara, “do you think about it.” In fact, the composer sees a two-year tour of America as a way out of an unsatisfactory for him situation: Clara is as a concert pianist, he has to stand behind it. He writes elsewhere: “We could probably work in Germany. But what comes out? What Clara earns, I lose in merit and time. So we would rather spend two years on a great plan of our lives.” Of course, nothing came out of that.

AMERICA and its music will be the focus of the Schumann Festival this year, works by Leonard Bernstein, of course, but also pieces by many other American composers, who may be less well-known in Germany. “That is,” Leonard Bernstein has said, “the most important component of music creation – the personality of the composer, who has something to say with his head and heart.”

We are sure to offer you, along with our young artists, a program that appeals to both mind and heart. We cordially invite you to discover AMERICA with us.

Markus Schuck, Initiator and Head Bonner Schumannfest
Ulrich Bumann, Deputy Head Bonner Schumannfest

Program Bonner Schumannfest 2018

You can download the full program here .

Day 1
03 Jun 2018

WEST SIDE STORY – Bernsteins’ Broadway-Hit

60 years after its premiere in 1957, Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” is considered perhaps the most perfect musical of all time, for some even the most important opera of...
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Axel Fuhrmann

Opening concert piano duo Genova & Dimitrov

A life without music is unthinkable. Leonard Bernstein // Rachmaninoff: Suite No. 1 for two pianos // Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story” // Debussy: Six Epigraphes Antiques //...
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bonner schumannfest Klavierduo Genova & Dimitrov
Klavierduo Genova & Dimitrov
Day 2
04 Jun 2018


“Koyaanisqatsi” comes from the language of the Hopi Indians and means about “life in imbalance” or “life in dissolution” or “life in a state that calls for change”. Godfrey Reggio’s...
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bonner robert schumannfest Godfrey Reggio
Godfrey Reggio
Day 3
05 Jun 2018

Organ evening with Anna-Victoria Baltrusch

At heart we are all still romantics. Leonard Bernstein // Buck: Festival Prelude // Schumann: Sketches for the pedal wing // Rogers: Concert Ouverture // Miniature Suite // Thayer: Variations...
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bonner robert schumannfest Anna-Victoria Baltrusch
Anna-Victoria Baltrusch
Day 4
06 Jun 2018

Chamber Concert – Monet Quintet

This is the most important component of music creation – the personality of the composer, who has something to say with his head and heart. Leonard Bernstein // Mozart: Overture “The...
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bonner robert schumannfest monet quintett
Day 5
07 Jun 2018


Romeo and Juliet in New York in the 1950s: the movie for the Broadway musical “West Side Story” won ten Oscars in 1962. The encyclopedia of the International Film says: “The”...
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bonner robert schumannfest westside story
Robert Wise
Day 6
08 Jun 2018

Birthday of Robert Schumann – Sophie Pacini

Our way of living is no longer romantic; and therefore, when we are most heavily oppressed, we look back and play Schumann. Leonard Bernstein // Felix Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso op....
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Robert Schumann Sophie Pacini
Sophie Pacini
Day 7
09 Jun 2018

Song recital with David Fischer u. Pauliina Tukiainen

Everyone used to sing. It was expected to sing as well as speak. Singing was a hallmark of the cultivated person. Leonard Bernstein // Schumann: Liederkreis op. 24 // Schoeck,...
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bonner robert schumannfest david fischer
David Fischer
Pauliina Tukiainen
Day 8
10 Jun 2018

First Position – Ballet is her life

5,000 dancers from around the world. Five minutes of stage presence. 300 seconds that change your life forever. At the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the largest and most...
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bess kargman
Bess Kargman

Dichter.Liebe! Or the journey of the poet

The noblest ability of man is his ability to change. Leonard Bernstein The Cologne ensemble Eikona creates intimate worlds of music and theater in a small space. For the Schumannfest...
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ensemble eikona
Ensemble Eikona
Day 9
11 Jun 2018

On the waterfront (Die Faust im Nacken)

Eight Oscars, four Golden Globes: Elia Kazan’s “Die Faust im Nacken” is one of the classics of American cinema. The “Spiegel” wrote in the premiere year: “For the first time,...
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elia kazan
Elia Kazan
Day 10
12 Jun 2018

Lecture and introduction to the concert with Frank Dupree

// American music, up close and personal The Canadian pianist Walter Prossnitz studied in his hometown of Victoria, where he made his debut at the age of 14 years with...
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walter prossnitz
Walter Prossnitz

Piano evening with Frank Dupree

// Bernstein: Anniversaries // Claude Debussy: „Préludes pour piano“ (komponiert 1907-1910) „Les Ollines d’Anacapri“ „La Cathédrale engloutie“ „Minstrels“ „Feux d’artifice“ // Nikolai Kapustin: „24 Preludes in Jazz Style“ I. Presto...
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Bonner Schumannfest Frank Dupree Foto von Sebastian Heckk
Frank Dupree
Day 11
13 Jun 2018

Duo-evening with Hornung and Rivinius

The two award-winning and internationally sought-after artists play works by Beethoven, Schumann and Grieg.
bonner schumannfest paul rivinius mpqcjosepmolinanet15_2
Paul Rivinius
Maximillian HornungPhoto: Marco Borggreve
Maximilian Hornung
Day 12
14 Jun 2018

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – A tribute to Frank Sinatra

Only with jazz did real American music blossom. Leonard Bernstein // Frank “The Voice” Sinatra and jazz – that’s a very special music chapter. As one of the first artists...
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bonner robert schumannfest Daniel Cacija
Daniel Cacija
Johannes von Ballestrem
Johannes von Ballestrem
Day 13
15 Jun 2018

Chamber concert with Rolston String Quartet and Florian Glemser

With Beethoven, the Romantic Revolution had already begun and produced a new artist, the artist as a priest and prophet. Leonard Bernstein // Beethoven: String Quartet in D major op....
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Florian Glemser
Rolston String Quartet
Rolston String Quartet
Day 14
16 Jun 2018

4th Bonn Robert Schumann Singing Competition “ZEIG WAS DU KANNST”

Children must be given music lessons as naturally as food, with as much joy as they know from the ball game. Leonard Bernstein Robert Schumann has emphasized in his musical...
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Verein Schumannhaus Bonn e.V.

Orchestral Concert with EMA Junior Orchestra, EMA Symphony Orchestra and choir of grades 6-8

Only out of enthusiasm can curiosity arise, and only those who are curious have the will to learn. Leonard Bernstein // Ives: Unanswered Question // Dvorak: 9th Symphony (1st and...
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bonner robert schumannfest ernst moritz arndt gymnasium
EMA-Junior-Orchestra / EMA-Symphonyorchestra

Song recital for the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein

This will be our response to violence: make music more intense, more beautiful, and more dedicated than ever. Leonard Bernstein // Songs by Schumann, Wolf and Bernstein Four young artists...
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bonner robert schumannfest Victoria Guerrero
Victoria Guerrero
bonner robert schumannfest josy santos
Josy Santos
bonner robert schumannfest MALTE SEBASTIAN SCHAEFER
Malte Sebastian Schäfer
bonner robert schumannfest ronan caillet
Ronan Caillet



Bonnticket is the ticket center of the Bonner Schumannfest. Tickets can be purchased there in advance under the hotline: 0228-50 20 10, but you can also order the tickets directly and print at home. The tickets can also be obtained at all known presales ticketshops.


If available remaining tickets, will be given one hour before the start of the concert at box office of the venue.


Children from 3 years old, pupils, students up to 30 years of age, trainees, participants in federal voluntary service, unemployed persons, Bonn ID holders and disabled persons receive a 50% discount on the ticket price. Please show a valid identity card at the entrance area without being requested.


The prices are inclusive of the ticket system fee. The advance ticket offices charge an additional advance booking fee. When you print your cards at home, BONNTICKET charges a small fee per order for this service.


The return and exchange of tickets is not possible. Changes to programs, occupations, dates and venues are always reserved and do not entitle us to return tickets. Only in the case of a general cancellation of an event will the purchase price be refunded within two months upon submission of the tickets. The admission of late visitors is only possible during the concert break.


Any sound, photo, film or video footage, including for private use, is prohibited. Image and sound material can be fed if this arrangement is violated.

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From the Endicher Herbst to the Bonner Schumannfest

In 1998 the “Endeicher Herbst” took place for the first time on the initiative of Andreas Etienne and Markus Schuck. Since then the festival has steadily grown in the meantime renamed “Bonner Schumannfest”.

On this page you will find all ever performing artists and the program booklets of the last few years to get a brief overview of the development history.

Artists Bonner Schumannfest

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