„Eine wahre Entdeckung“

Bonner Schumannfest 2017
Schumannfest 2017- Markus Schuck

“A true discovery” – Interview with Markus Schuck

Bonn. Markus Schuck on the end of the Schumannfest. For the 20th edition about 2,500 listeners found their way to concerts and events, including the Schumannhaus, the Ballsaal, the Rex cinema and the Kreuzberg church

The Jubilee edition of the Schumann Festival, No. 20, is behind you. The motto was “joy”. What has made you especially happy in the past few days?

Markus Schuck: On the one hand, the theme of joy has been a special effect for us as a Schumannfestival and has been worn as a motto until the last concert. It was fascinating to see and hear, with what enthusiasm and with what perfection the artists enthused our festival publication. On the other hand: I was surprised by the fact that the festival now attracts everyone. We had visitors from Colorado, from more distant regions of Germany to the Schumannstadt Leipzig, which are especially to our concerts. We are pleased to note this as well as the interest in the festival, which is being presented to us by the UN agencies, Deutsche Welle, the Deutsche Post DHL Group and the German Music Council in Bonn. This is something special.

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