Bonner Schumannfest 2019: Beloved Clara

The 22nd Bonn Schumann Festival (1st to 16th June), which was sponsored by Peter Limbourg, artistic director of Deutsche Welle, is all about Clara Schumann’s 200th birthday this year. Under the slogan „Beloved Clara“, the festival in 16 events commemorates a woman who is not only an exception in music history. Clara Schumann can not be pressed into any role: she was a wife (by Robert Schumann) and mother (of eight children), she was the most famous pianist of the 19th century, she was composer and manager of her own career, educator and counselor. „The Schumann Festival,“ say the festival makers Markus Schuck and Ulrich Bumann, „will try to convey this multifaceted richness of an unusual personality.“
Of course, in the opening recital on June 1st (8pm) at the Theater im Ballsaal will include works by Clara Schumann. In addition, the Finnish baritone Arttu Kataja and the Finnish pianist Pauliina Tukiainen, artistic advisor at the Schumann Festival, include songs of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms in their program. And the final concert of the Schumannfest takes place at the Deutsche Welle on 15 June: The German-Greek pianist Danae Dörken, successful in many national and international competitions, plays works by Robert and Clara Schumann as well as Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Frederic Chopin.

All information about the program and the artists can be found here. Tickets are available at Bonnticket.
Download the complete program of the Bonn Schumann Festival 2019 here.