20 years Bonner Schumannfest:

an interview with Markus Schuck about Robert Schumann and the Bonner Schumannfest
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20 years Bonner Schumannfest: an interview with Markus Schuck

Robert Schumann Markus Schuck Vorsitzender Verein Bonner Schumannhaus e.V.bonnticket.de: 20 years Bonner Schumannfest. Would you ever have dreamed of that?

Markus Schuck: Certainly not, although Schumann himself already gives musical grounds for “dreaming”. The fact that this anniversary has been achieved is thanks to many people, including Ulrich Bumann, who has given me valuable support in terms of content and organizational design, and, of course, Andreas Etienne, Director of the Theaterhaus of Springmaus, Festival. This includes Pauliina Tukiainen, who has accompanied us for two years as an artistic advisor to the Schumann Festival, and Michael Bischof, who has shaped the visual appearance of our festival from the very beginning. To coincide with the anniversary year, he and his agency Gipfelgold developed the new appearance of our festival: with new colors, a new logo and a new website. And, of course, the members of the association Schumannhaus Bonn e.V., including Dr. Ludwig Krapf, the former Bonner Kulturdezernent. He has supported our initiative since the beginning of his term of office. robert schumann

bonnticket.de: Where does the drive come from year to year to create a new, interesting program? It’s not like you’re doing this as a full-time job.

Markus Schuck: No, in fact, we organize and design this festival for 20 years voluntarily. It is a good thing that no one noticed this and that we are perceived as a professional festival company throughout Europe. We are proud of that. But we often reach the limits of our voluntary performance, and the expectations of our festival are constantly increasing. That is why we need at least the financed permanent staff support in the future. We hope that the mayor of the Federal State, who has already expressed the importance of Schumann for the region, The drive to make this festival has many reasons: it is certainly the young artists who impress us with their wonderful concerts and talents and make it clear that we are right with our festival idea: namely, to promote the artistic talent and To offer him a professional podium. And, of course, the audience is also motivated – from all age groups, from the region and from European and Asian countries. robert schumann

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